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Weiberfasching: "Roaring 20's Party"

Saturday, February 22
5:00 PM
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This year’s Weiberfasching theme is “The Roaring 20’s”!  All are welcome to join as the ladies of the club take over and create their own skits, dances, mischief and merriment!

Men, you won’t want to miss this and ladies, get on out here and join in the fun!  Gatsby-style costumes are encouraged, prizes for best in show!  Don’t worry, there will be no necktie cutting this year… but maybe next year!

Guest Admission:  $10

Guest Admission + Dinner: $20

Member Dinner:  $12 (members are admitted free)

Entrée:  Beef Bourguignon with Mushroom Sauce or Chef’s Catch of the Day

Music throughout the evening by the BOB HOUSTON BAND

Performance by the Weiberfasching Crew at 8:11pm

Where did “Weiberfasching” or “Weiberfastnacht” come from?

In 1824 in Beuel, a part of Bonn, a group of ladies who worked in the laundry industry decided to form their own Karneval committee, as it seemed everyone else was celebrating the “fifth season” while they were left with the dirty work.  They decided to organize and storm the Town Hall, taking the powers away from the men in charge.  All of this happens in a funny way of course, as Karneval in Germany is a time when government is openly made fun of, and a mock government is elected).   and took over the city government.

Today, the “storming of the Beuel Town Hall” by women is shown live on Television… and the takeover of government by women is copied in many parts of Germany, particularly the North Rhine Westphalia. The ladies take off work, gather in groups wearing costumes or masks and create fun and mischief throughout the day and night!

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