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Event Calendar 2016

Every effort is made to keep these calendars up to date and accurate, however they are SUBJECT TO CHANGE without notice and we suggest you contact us to confirm prior to all events.

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May 2016
Event Info - Open to the Public                 
Saturday, April 30
Raising the Maibaum
5 to 10PM.
Sunday, May 1
Admission: Free. Frühschoppen: 10:30AM to 2:30PM.
Doors open: 10:30AM to 8PM. Music: 12 Noon to 4PM.
COME OUT AND WATCH THE BANDLTANZ AROUND THE MAIBAUM. Have a Weisswurst, or some other popular Frühschoppen Schmankerl, have an early glass of bubbly or a beer, some grapes and cheese and enjoy the Maibaum and the festivities; dancing & music.
Music by: Matthias (Solo)
Friday, May 6
Maibaum Dinner Dance & Maibaum Bandltanz by the Volkstanz Gruppe
Guest Admission: $8. Dinner $12.
Doors open: 5PM. Dinner from 6 to 8PM. Music from: 7 to 11PM.
Menu: Blue Plate Meatloaf or Fresh Fish, Mashed Potatoes, Vegetables, Soup or Salad (Chef’s Choice), Dessert and Coffee at a small additional charge.
Music by: Bob Houston Duo
Sunday, May 8
Mothers Day Dinner & Dance
Guest Admission - Reservations: $25.
Doors open: 12 Noon. Dinner: 1 to 2:30PM. Music: 2 to 6PM.
Menu: Prime Rib with Baked Potato, Vegetables, Salad, Bread & Butter, Fish on Request, Bread & Butter, Dessert is included.
Bring the family to honor Mother.
Reservations, ticketed event. For Reservations call 561-294-2770.
Music by: Cricklewood Band
Friday, May 13
Deutscher Abend - German Evening
Guest Admission: $8. Dinner: $12.
Doors open: 5:30PM. Dinner: 6 to 8PM. Music: 7 to 11PM.
Menu: Jäger Schnitzel, or Fresh Fish, Potatoes, Vegetables, Soup or Salad (Chef’s Choice), Bread & Butter, Dessert and Coffee at a small additional charge.
Participate in the Schnitzelbank Song and the Volkstanz Gruppe showing us how to do it.
Music by: Matthias (Solo)
Sunday, May 15
Gartenfest Picnic in the Pavilion
Admission: $20. Children (11-16): $10. Children (6-10): $6. Children (Under 6): Free
Doors open: 11AM to 6PM. Dinner: 12 Noon to 3PM. Music: 12:30 to 5:30PM.
Our picnic fare will be a surprise that you will enjoy from our Chef. We are also are serving traditional German Picnic fare including Bratwurst, Veal Loaf, Sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. Price includes Import & Domestic Beer and Domestic Wine as well as Coca-Cola Products & Coffee. Authentic German pastries are available at small additional charge.
Music by: Alpine Express Duo
Friday, May 20
Hungarian Night – Magyar Ejszaka Csárdás Dancing "Csülök Cigányosan Gipsy"
Guest Admission: $8. Dinner: $12.
Doors open: 5PM. Dinner: 6:30 to 8PM. Music: 7 to 11PM.
Menu: Pork Shank Gypsy Style with Hungarian potatoes, or Fresh Fish of the day with vegetables, Soup or Salad (Chef’s Choice), Dessert & Coffee available at small additional charge.
Music by: Yano Music (Solo)
Sunday, May 22
Frühschoppen in the Biergarten
Doors open: 10:30AM to 2:30PM. Every 4th Sunday of the Month.
Come join us for a traditional Bavarian tradition with Weisswurst and Bretzeln before Noon. There will also be Cheese, Grapes & Cracker Plates as well as our Hofbräu Bier. We also have all the non-alcoholic libations. Try us out and see what Bavarians do on Sunday morning. If anyone wants to bring an Akkordeon, this will really be great.
Friday, May 27
Family & Mexican Night
Guest Admission: $8. Dinner: $12.
Doors open: 5PM. Dinner: 6 to 8PM. Music: 7 to 11PM.
Menu: Fried Chicken and Rice or Fish of the day, Vegetables, Soup or Garden Salad (Chef’s Choice), Dessert available at small additional charge.
Performance by Timanati Mexican Dance Troupe
Dean Richards (Solo) will entertain us with Latin, Waltz and Tejano dance music

Menu, Prices and Calendar subject to change without notice.
Reservations for all Ticketed Events Suggested! Friday nights no Shorts or T-shirts, please.
Reservations Telephone: 561-294-2770.

Appropriate Attire Required.

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